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Cream of Rice is a hot breakfast cereal made from ground rice. The cereal is rather bland but offers a gluten-free alternative to wheat based cereals. The cereal is produced by Nabisco.

Cream of rice is also a sweet dessert, made from milk fat and solids, sugar, flavoring, a stabilizer, which is usually gelatin, and sometimes eggs, fruits, or nuts. The mix is churned at cold temperature to attain a light, soft texture. It is a dessert made from dairy products such as cream, or substituted ingredients, combined with flavorings and sweeteners. This mixture is cooled while rousing to prevent large crystals from forming. The use of stabilizers rather than actual cream and the incorporation of air also decrease the fat and caloric content of less expensive ice creams, making them more appealing to those on diets. Cream of rice can be prepared also at home by boiling milk and rice with vanilla flavors or with fruits, but the most tasty dessert of this type are made in special laboratories by professional cookers. Persians invented an extraordinary chilled pudding-like dish, made of rosewater and vermicelli in combination with Asian rice, working out as something like a cross between a sorbet and a vanilla pudding, which was served to the monarchs during summers or in another special occasions.

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