Cream of Tartar

Name Variations Edit

  • potassium acid tartrate
  • potassium bitartrate

About Cream of tartar Edit

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Cream of tartar, an acidic powder extracted during wine making, stabilizes egg whites and increases their heat tolerance. It also prevents sugar syrups from crystallizing and is combined with baking soda to make commercial baking powder.

Potassium bitartrate also potassium hydrogen tartrate has formula KC4H5O6. It is a byproduct of wine making. It is also known as cream of tartar. It is a potassium acid salt of tartaric acid.

Tartar crystallises in wine casks during the fermentation of grape juice. This crude form (known as beeswing) is collected and purified to produce the white, odourless, acidic powder used for many culinary and other household purposes, such as:

  • Stabilising egg whites, increasing their heat tolerance and volume;
  • Preventing sugar syrups from crystallising;
  • Reducing discolouration of boiled vegetables;
  • Usage as a laxative;
  • Frequent combination with baking soda, as a leavening agent in formulations of baking powder.
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