Here You Go, Joyce.

Creamy coffee Pie

For Garnish:

chocolate Covered coffee -beans

Preheat Oven to 375. Melt butter And chocolate chips InTop of double boiler. Stir in Graham Cracker Crumbs. SpoonInto Lightly Greased 9 Inch Pie Plate. Bake 8 Minutes. CoolOn Wire Rack Completely. Mix Together sugar And CornstarchIn Heavy Saucepan And Set Aside.

Mix coffee And Boiling water Together. Stir Until CoffeeDissolves. Stir coffee, milk And Yolks Into sugar Mixture.Cook Over Medium Heat, Stirring Constantly, Until MixtureThickens And Boils. Cook 1 Minute. Remove From Heat. WhiskUntil Smooth. Place a Piece of Plastic Wrap Directly OnSurface And Chill 1 Hour. Beat whipping cream on Low SpeedUntil Foamy. Slowly Add powdered sugar. Beat Until SoftPeaks Form. Set Aside 1/2 Cup whipped cream For Topping.Fold whipped cream Into coffee Mixture. Spoon Filling IntoPie Shell. Garnish With Reserved whipped cream & coffee beans.


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