Creamy Party potatoes

Bake potatoes. Scoop Out Insides And Put in Large Mixing Bowl. Save The Potato Skins For Deep Frying For Appetizer. Mash potatoes or Put Through a Ricer. Add cream cheese And Beat Until Smooth. Add Onion, eggs, flour, salt And pepper And Beat Until Light And Fluffy. Spoon Into an Ungreased 1 1/2 to 2 Quart Casserole. You May Use a Souffl? Dish. Sprinkle Onion Rings Over The Top. Cover With Foil. May be Refrigerated For a Couple of Days or You Can Freeze it at This Point. Before Serving, Bring Casserole to Room Temperature. Drizzle Top With sherry. Bake, Covered, at 325 For 30 Minutes. Remove Foil And Bake 20 More Minutes or Until Casserole is Hot And bubbly And Top is Golden And Crusty.

Serves 8

Source: Come Into The Kitchen

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