Crispy Half Bakes

Cut potatoes in Half Lengthwise. Brush Cut SurfacesWith a Mixture of butter And lemon juice. Combine

Cheese And pepper. Dip Cut Side of Potato Halves IntoMixture to Generously Coat. Place Cut Sides Down OnWell-Greased Baking Sheet. Bake at 375 Degrees For 25To 30 Minutes or Until potatoes Are Tender. Makes 2Servings, About 150 Calories Each.


  • 1. Add Dried or Chopped Fresh Herb of Your Choice ToCheese Mixture Before Coating Potato. Bake as DirectedAbove.
  • 2. Omit butter And lemon juice. Dip Cut Side of PotatoHalves Into Prepared Pizza Sauce, Then Parmesan

Cheese. Bake as Directed Above.

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