Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook time: At least 30 (you can let it sit)

Serves: As many as you want

Description Edit

I am not one for taking medication if I am sick unless it's really, really bad. I believe natural things like food, drinks, even interaction can cure many common illnesses. Right now, I have a pretty nasty cold, so my lovely Calvin has made me my favorite cure, extra spicy chicken soup. Here is the recipe for yourself, one bowl to cure the cold, doctors orders!

Ingredients Edit

  • Chicken stock

Protein Edit

Spices Edit

Finishing Touches Edit

  • Enough to make it look pretty: parsley
  • Hot sauce (I use Asian `rooster` hot sauce)

Veggies Edit

Carbs Edit

Directions Edit

  1. Brown the protein, add veggies, throw spices in, slowly add chicken stock, add finishing touches. Voila!
  2. Eat
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