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Curry leaf

Name Variations[]

  • meetha neem
  • kari patta
  • Kadi patta

About Curry leaf[]

From a plant native to southern Asia, this fragrant herb looks like a small, shiny lemon leaf and has a pungent curry fragrance. Its flavor is essential in a substantial percentage of East Indian fare. Choose those that are bright green, with no sign of yellowing or wilting.

The leaves of the curry tree are highly valued as seasoning in South, West-coastal Indian and Sri Lankan cooking, much like bay leaves and especially in curries with fish or coconut milk[citation needed]. They are also used as an ingredient in the popular Marathi dish karhi. In their fresh form, they have a short shelf life though they may be stored in a freezer for quite some time; however, this can result in a loss of their flavour. They are also available dried, though the aroma is largely inferior.

Curry leaf Recipes[]