The most popular cuts of beef used for stews are those which have a small quantity of fat around the cut. If the cuts have thicker strips of fat, first you have to reduce the fat by trimming the cuts using a sharp knife. After the excess of fat has removed, slice into medium chunks. If the slices are too small the stew will cook too fast and it will loose its mouth-watering taste, and if the slices are too big the cooking will be far too long or they will not be well done. After the beef cuts were chopped put them in a pot with oil and let them fry until they brown then add vegetables and water and leave it on heat. It is very important to know how to cut the beef which you want to use for braising or stews yet it is not so hard to have a perfect cut. If you leave an small strip of fat around the cut, the meat won’t shrink or dry when it is fried before braising or before using it for stews. The meat used in stews has to be delicate and tender and also very succulent.

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