Both the lamb and veal racks have the chine bone removed, and then the blade bone is removed and fenced. Clean the rib bones by removing the adjoining tissue between the bones, and cut into chops. A veal chop usually weighs between eight and ten ounces, whereas the average lamb chop weighs about four ounces. Lamb can be cut into a double chop, weighing eight ounces, which is known as a Barnsley chop. Other lamb chops, such as chump chops cut from the end of the rack, are more popular in Europe than in the United States. The chump chop is normally cut at either end of the rack, and in England is called the poor man’s chop. In most cases, the chump chop is better braised than grilled. From both the veal and lamb loins, we can cut the noisette and the rosette. Both can be tied, and are the basis of many classical dishes, such as noisette or rosette Dubarry, Princess or Parisians. Cutlets are referred to as chops cut through the bone of the loin.

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