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Cuttlefishes are families of aquatic animals belonging to Sepiida order. Species from cuttlefish families have an inside shell, two big eyes, eight arms and two tentacles. The two tentacles help the species to grab their prey. The inside shell, called cuttlebone, is made of calcium carbonate. Cuttlefishes are also called chameleons because they have the ability of chancing their color. This ability helps them to communicate with other cuttlefishes and also to hide from the predators. Cuttlefishes have developed eyes and the pupils are shaped in W. Cuttlefishes have a bluish blood which contains protein hemocyanin which is actually ink. Cuttlefishes survive by feeding themselves with small mollusks, crabs, shrimp, fish and other cuttlefish, while cuttlefishes are eaten by sharks and bigger fishes. They live a relatively short life approximately one or two years. Cuttlefishes search for their prey during the night and during the day they hide from predators. This specie of sepia is a fast swimmer and when it is in danger to be attacked it spews ink in water. The flatten body of a cuttlefish is about thirty centimeters long.

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