Cynthia's Jalapeno Potato Salad

10 cups peeled boiled and peeled potatoes (about 5 lbs.) 8 boiled eggs, coarsely chopped 10 ribs celery, diced 10 green onions, chopped 1 large yellow onion, diced 3 to 4 cups good quality mayonnaise 1/2 cup chopped pickled jalapenos 2 T. juice from jalapenos 1/4 cup chopped parsley 2 t. comino 1 T. black pepper 1 T. salt

In large bowl,combine potatoes, celery and both onions. Combine remaining ingredients and add to potato mixture. Mix well and chill several hours or overnight. Serves 24 Note: In Fredericksburg, we have a Wild Game Dinner annually. We developed this recipe especially for this occasion and it turned out to be a real hit. Since then, we have fixed it often and it always gets raves from the men. It is great with barbeque and baked beans. Source: The Peach Tree Tea Room Cookbook

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