D-Xylose A simple sugars, C4H9O4CHO formula. Xylose is a component of the composite wood, xylan exist widely in plant. Xylose also exist in animal heparin, cartilage element and glycoprotein, it is some glycoprotein sugar in chain and serine (or threonine) connection unit. In nature has yet been found the free state of xylose.

Alpha D-xylose taste sweet, show fine needle crystal; Melting point 153 ~ 154 ℃, change spin phenomena: better than the optical rotations 【 α 】 She + 92 °-+ 18.6 ° (16 hours, 10 g / 100 ml water). Alpha-l-fucosidase the melting point of xylose 141 ~ 143 ℃, the α 】 D-79 °- 19 °; It is general by six carbon sugar by chemical degradation, or by L-Arabia candy to the poor isomerization reactions system. Several, peanut shell and other agricultural products, with 8% waste sulfuric acid boil, it is easy to XiLi alpha D-xylose. Xylose is the production of raw materials, xylitol generally can't be the yeast fermentation, and usually DuoZhong bacteria that can be eaten xylose, generating many important products, such as lactic acid and acetic acid.

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