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  1. In general, okra is used much more as a condiment than as a sauce in itself.
  2. okra is in fact added to a sauce so that it isn't too runny, but sticks together well enough to stick to the boule.
  3. okra may be used for sauce preparation as much with vegetables as with meat, be it fresh or dried.
  4. When using fresh okra, we cut it into very small pieces, then we add it to the vegetables into boiling water.
  5. We wait until the two (okra, vegetables) are well-cooked before adding any condiments (salt, Peanut butter, Maggi soy sauce or bouillon cubes, piment (hot spice), etc.).
  6. Then one must leave the sauce on the fire for a few minutes before serving.
  7. When using dried okra, we grind it into powder and put a certain quantity (in general, a tablespoon per litre of water for making sauce) in at the same time as the other condiments.
  8. In rare cases, okra is prepared alone as a sauce in itself (for example, during the time between sowing the fields and harvest).
  9. In this case, the sauce is composed of water, salt and okra (fresh or dried), cooked together. The quantity of okra must be sufficient enough for the sauce to be a sauce and not simply water.
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