Treat your taste buds to a lively mix of deep fried snow fish with mandarin orange sauce, served at hotels such as Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok. Out of the countless methods, here is the best way to prepare this delectable dish.

Ingredients for a single serving

3 pieces of fresh snow fish (150 g)

1 Egg           

Salt (to taste)

White pepper (to taste)

Vegetable oil

1 cup of fresh orange juice

5 teaspoons of sugar

1 fresh, peeled and chopped mandarin orange

1 pineapple

Corn flour & water mix

5 teaspoons of salt (to taste)


·         Crack the egg into your bowl and mix it up with salt and pepper.

·         Add snow fish pieces into the bowl mix all the ingredients to cover the fish slices

·         Pour oil into a wok for deep-frying.

·         When the oil is at optimal temperature, add the fish and cook until they are crisp and golden brown.

·         Strain out the oil when done, clean and place the wok back onto the stove.

·         Add the orange juice, sugar and a bit of salt following with pineapple and chopped orange pieces and stir-fry together.

·         Finally, add a touch of cornflour-water to get the right consistency and taste for seasoning.

·         Place the snow fish neatly onto a serving plate and pour the sauce over.

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