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The scientific name for this fish is Dentex dentex. This species can reach 45 cm in size and may also reach up to 1 m in length. The body has an oval form, with many different colours while the back tends to be a blue-grey to greenish purple, fading into pinkish white on the sides of the belly. On the back and sides you can see some small bluish spots, and a degree of vertical banding, even though the edges are diffuse. As for the older larger specimen of a meter, they have a reddish coloration on the entire body. The head of this species in large, having a thick-lipped mouth and visible four or six pointed canines in the front, and smaller pointed teeth behind. Also, the anterior portion of the dorsal fin is composed of 11 spines, unlike the dorsal portion which is composed of 11 to 12 branched rays. The food of this species consists of hermaphrodite; Dentex can be found in shallow waters around 30 meters, as well as in waters with a depth of 10 or even 200 meters

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