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  • Source: 1972 Weight Watchers Cookbook
  • Makes 4 servings.

Ingredients Edit

Directions Edit

  1. Sprinkle gelatin over cold water in 1 ½ quart mixing bowl.
  2. Heat evaporated skim milk over very low heat or in the top part of a double boiler placed over hot water.
  3. When milk is hot but not boiling, add all of it, including thin skin which form on top, to the mixing bowl.
  4. Stir well to dissolve gelatin, then chill thoroughly in freezer for a few minutes.
  5. Whip cold mixture with beater at medium speed until it stands in peaks but is not dry.
  6. Add vanilla and sweetener and beat just long enough to incorporate them.
  7. Put mixing bowl into freezer until mixture is almost frozen, 30 – 40 minutes.
  8. Divide into 4 equal portions and use at once.
  9. Or store frozen cream mixture, in 4 small bowls, or in an ice cube tray - without the dividers - and use as desired.
  10. Let ice "cream" soften slightly in the refrigerator before serving.

Coffee ice cream Edit

  1. Follow recipe above, but dissolve 1½ teaspoons instant coffee powder in evaporated skim milk in double boiler.
  2. Add dash of maple and black walnut extract if desired.

Nutritional information Edit

Count 1 oz evaporated skim milk per serving.

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