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Most rustic types of bread consist of just flour, yeast, water and salt. I usually vary mine using a cracked wheat and also semolina flour. It seems to give the bread character. When I was under a neurosurgeon, we were talking about sugars in the American diet and he said in Iran, the bread was made with out any sugars. I don't use a bread machine either. I bake mine on unglazed quarry tiles and throw ice cubes in the bottom when i put the bread in. Gives it a nice rustic flavor and appearance. Sunday I made pizza using the following ingredients (no fats-no sugar):

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  1. Make the dough using the ingredients above.
  2. put veggies on the top, using fresh tomatoes.
  3. It made to large rounds.
  4. Again the only fat was the PAM on the bottom and PAM on the top plus 1 tbsp grated cheese for both pizzas.
  5. Worked out to be about ½ veggie and 2 bread for 2 slices.
  6. Tasted a heck of a lot better than some of the commercial pizzas.
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