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This international peach originating in China first appeared on market in 1986. Peach is a member of the family Rosaceae and classified as Prunus persica; it is cultivated mainly in warm temperate and subtropical areas. The fruit contains a fleshy juicy and melting substance that has an extraordinary flavor when it reaches maturity. Donut peaches represent a great snack, having the shape of a round, flattened donut. Just like most peaches, donut peaches are available during summer. When buying donut peaches, one should choose brightly colored fruit that have no traces of green or bruising, and with a smooth and plump skin. Donut peaches picked hard-ripe that have a good color will ripen if they are left out un-refrigerated for two or three days and put in paper bags in order to hasten this process. In case they are refrigerated for more than three days, donut peaches will lose their flavor and juice. These fruits can be consumed fresh or used in jams, fruit salads, or natural juice.

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