Dover sole

About Sole (Dover Sole) Edit

Dover sole, scientifically known as Microstomus pacificus is a member of Pleuronectidae family which is mainly found in the Pacific Ocean. Dover sole is a long-living fish and it lives for about forty five years in deepwater between eight hundred to one thousand meters, although during the winter they can be found at depths of between one hundred to two hundreds meters. Dover sole has a long slender compressed body and it sizes can vary from twelve to thirty inches. Sole is a member of flounder family and its eyes are situated in the right side and on the top of its head. Like all flounders it has the ability to change his color which is generally brown in order to match with the ocean bottom. The ability of changing their color helps them to capture their prey and to hide from the predators. Dover soles feed on small fish, spawn, crustaceans and polichaetes. Dover soles spawn in winter in deepwater. Females’ sole begin spawning after they reach the age of five years while the males begin to spawn at age of four.

A flat sea fish found in coastal waters from Denmark to the Mediterranean, Dover sole is best cooked whole, though fillets can be bought. Can be grilled, fried or poached and is ideal for combining with other foods and sauces.

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