[[Image:|thumb|300px|right|Dragon tongue bean]]

About Dragon tongue bean Edit

Dragon tongue bean is a specie that belongs to the phaseolus family and it is related with the wax and green beans, being similar to the yard long green bean. Their original name comes from their appearance: this kind of beans looks like green beans, but they have an ivory color, with pink streaks, which makes them look like a dragon tongue. Still, this purple-pink color disappears when the beans are cooked, but it remains if the beans are undercooked. Due to the fact that they are snap beans, the edible parts are both the pods and the beans. These beans are very nutritional aliments and they are also rich in texture and make a consistent meal, regardless of how they are prepared. The dragon tongue beans are available mostly during the hot season and the best of them are the ones that are firm and unblemished. The bean pods can be steamed, boiled, blanched and even pickled, as they resemble the taste of the green beans, but they have a spicier flavor.

Dragon tongue bean Recipes Edit

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