Dried meat is a feature of many cuisines around the world. Examples include:

  • Lahndi, air-dried salted meat (often lamb meat) of North-Afghanistan, a feature of Afghani cuisine developed by Afghans
  • Biltong, a kind of cured meat that originated in South Africa
  • Bindenfleisch, air-dried meat of Switzerland
  • Bresaola, air-dried salted beef originally from the Valtellina valley in northern Italy
  • Carne-de-sol
  • Charqui/Jerky, originally an Incan food made from Llama meat, now usually made from beef.
  • Chipped beef, partially dried beef sold in small, thin, flexible leaves compressed together in jars or flat in plastic packets
  • Kuivaliha, air-dried salted meat (often Reindeer meat) of North-Finland
  • Pastırma, air dried salted and often spiced meat of Turkey
  • Rougan 肉乾 (t) / 肉干 (s) (Mandarin Pinyin: ròugān; Cantonese Yale: yuhk gōn; Min Nan: romanisation here; literally means meat dried) (Known in English as pork jerky in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, bakkwa in Singapore), a popular snack originated from southern China, commonly made from pork, but also with beef, chicken and other meats, popular in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan
  • Hunter Beef is native to Pakistan. The beef is marinated in spices and Potassium Nitrate and then baked. It is usually used in sandwiches and salads.
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