Ingredients Edit

Savory minced meat Edit

Directions Edit

  1. Mince the beef coarsely.
  2. Fry the onions until pale gold, then add beef and seasoning and cook until the juice is reabsorbed.

Asbai' gullash bi-l-lahma Edit

  1. Cut gullash sheets into 10 cm squares and keep covered with moist cloth.
  2. Taking one square at a time and covering the rest immediately, place on a smooth surface and arrange minced meat in a narrow strip at the center of the square 1 cm from both ends.
  3. Fold ends over the meat mixture and roll tightly so that it resembles a cigarette.
  4. Arrange tidily in a greased baking tray, brush top with melted butter, and bake in preheated moderate oven until golden. hello

Notes Edit

  1. Gullash is paper thin dough sold in bakeries. It dries out quickly, and should be kept covered.
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