Eastern (Atlantic) Oyster

About Eastern (Atlantic) Oyster Edit

The eastern oyster, scientifically known as Crassostrea virginica, is known as the Atlantic oyster where is generally found although it can also be farmed in special arranged zones. Like all oysters, Eastern Atlantic oyster is a hard shellfish. Eastern oyster’s size can vary from five to fifteen centimeters long. It has firm ends which provide a hard shield against predators. Similar to all oysters, Eastern Atlantic Oyster is a filter feeder. They draw in water and filter out the plankton and detritus to swallow and after that they spit the water back out, finally they are cleaning the water around them. The Eastern Atlantic Oysters, resembling all members of the family Ostreidae, are able to generate little pearls to border particles that enter the shell. Nevertheless the pearls made by these oysters are unimportant in size and of no value. The shell of the eastern oyster reaches up to twenty centimeters long. It has two valves which are attach at one end due to a single large muscle. Eastern Atlantic oysters usually have a white to gray shell which is rough with ridges.

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