For moms and students, eating healthy and inexpensively is a necessity to maintain energy but many times hard to accomplish. Here are some quick tips for grabbing a quick and inexpensive meal when time, energy and money are in short supply! :) Eat for under $1 a meal and give your body the healthy energy it needs.

For several years now, I have tried to come up with ways to eat quickly, nutritiously and inexpensively. Combining these three aspects has been a difficult goal, but I believe it has and can be achieved. Here are some insider tips I have learned that I would love to share with you! :)

For $1 with time in short supply, I stop at McDonalds and order a salad with Vinegrette dressing. They have dark green leaves, tomatoes and very fresh vegetables in their salads making this a very healthy alternative. For an extra buck and added protein, I add the breaded chicken sandwich from the dollar menu, tear the chicken into pieces and add those to my salad. (I often throw the sandwich bread away or offer it as a 'healthy' snack to nearby birds.)

For breakfast, I keep the all in one nutritional drinks close at hand. When I have no time to spare, I can quickly drink one of these on the road and have my nutritional needs met without the time! Plus, they taste good too. :) Yum! (These average $1 a can)

For lunches, you can use tortillas and add peanut butter and jelly to them. Then roll them up and cut them in half for a healthy snack.

I also store frozen goods in the freezer at work. This saves me money and I am quickly able to zap fish, chicken, or vegetables in the microwave for a healthy and inexpensive meal. This method also keeps the food longer so you won't have to always remember to pack a meal. Another suggestion is to store frozen juice at work and make it before lunch in your own container (providing there is room in the company refrigerator). This is a healthy and inexpensive alternative to pop.

Whatever you do, make sure you are hydrated and well-fed. Your health depends on it!

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