Ingredients Edit

Directions Edit

  1. Drain tomatoes but save the juice.
  2. Put tomatoes into a saucepan.
  3. Heat and stir.
  4. Add salt, butter, and flour.
  5. Stir until flour is well dissolved.
  6. Add rest of ingredients and simmer for 20 minutes to make a tomato sauce.
  7. Slice eggplant and squash into rounds.
  8. Place in large skillet.
  9. Add peppers and onions.
  10. Sprinkle with rosemary.
  11. Add water.
  12. Pour tomato sauce over vegetables.
  13. Cover and cook over medium heat for 10–15 minutes, until eggplant and squash are tender.
  14. Sprinkle cheese on top and cover until cheese melts.
  15. Use 2 eggplants if no squash is available.
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