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A rich, hearty, yet light and zesty egg dish, perfect for meals, snacking, or entertaining!

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Directions Edit

Heat up a nice heavy skillet to medium hot. Melt the lard in the skillet until it just begins to smoke. Whisk the eggs, yogurt, and cilantro together until smooth. Add a pinch of salt. Prepare the eggs in the lard according to your favourite egg dish. Scrambled, omelette, any egg dish tastes great using this method! Continue to stir the eggs until firm, but do not over cook. About 2 to 3 minutes on medium high heat.

Remove the eggs from heat, plate, and squeeze a wedge of lemon over the dish. This brings a wonderful light zestiness to the eggs that is simply divine!

History Edit

eggs Punger came about when a gormand and a carnivore began cohabitation. One night, whilst cooking side by side in the kitchen, no cream to lighten the eggs was to be found, and the only oils in the house was the meat-eater's tub of lard. These ingredients seemed heavy, so cilantro, yogurt, and lemon were added to the mix to bring out the light, fresh flavours of spring, and WHAMMO! A new culinary legend was born!

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