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  1. Before you pinch the flowers, make sure they are suitable for wine making. There are some varieties that smell a bit 'catty'. The best way to check i the flowers are suitable is to pinch one between your fingers and smell it. Always pick the flowers when the sun is out and the flowers are dry and open.
  2. When you picked out the right flowers to use, strip the florets from the stalks and place them in a bucket. Add 2.5 liters of boiling water and leave it covered for two days. Stir it at least twice a day. On the third day. stir the yeast and a teaspoon of Sugar into half a cup of warm water. Bring it to boil in 0.5 liters of water. When its dissolved pour the syrup in a jar.
  3. Strain the flowers and add the liquid together with the citric acid and yeast nutrient (first dissolve it in a little warm water) with the syrup in the jar. Top the jar up to the shoulder with cold water. Fit a rubber bung and a half filled airlock and leave it in a warm place. Shake the jar daily until fermentation is completed.
  4. Rack the wine into a clean jar and top it up with cold water. Add a crushed Campden tablet. Refit the bung and airlock and leave the wine to mature in a cool place. Rack it every three months. The wine is drinkable in 9 months but is best if left for a year.
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