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  1. Mix flour, salt, and baking powder together in a bowl.
  2. Cut in shortening until it resembles crumbly meal.
  3. Gradually sprinkle in milk stirring until dough clings together.
  4. Knead 10 times.
  5. Let rest ½ hour.
  6. Mix ground beef with all the ingredients except tomato paste.
  7. Fry slowly in 1 tablespoon oil until cooked.
  8. Mash around a bit so it's crumbly.
  9. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons tomato paste (so that it's thick), stir very well.
  10. Turn off heat and let filling cool.
  11. Add as much hot sauce as you like.
  12. On a very well-floured surface, roll dough as thick as you would for pie crust (can divide it into 2 parts if desired).
  13. Cut 5" circles (using any container with 5" opening) and place filling on center of each circle.
  14. Brush beaten egg on lower edge of circles.
  15. Fold over and press edges with fork dipped in flour.
  16. Fry in lard about 2 minutes on each side until brown.
  17. Make sure there is enough lard to cover the empanadas — about 3 – 4" deep.
  18. Can be frozen unfried.
  19. Stack between wax paper, sprinkling plenty of flour in between empanadas and wax paper, or they will stick together.
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