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An English muffin is a round, yeast-leavened bread enriched with butter and milk, often served at breakfast in the United States and Canada. An English muffin is cooked on a griddle, so that the first side cooked tends to be flatter and firmer. Cooking on the griddle causes a spongy interior with many air bubbles. English muffins usually have a white floury band around the circumference and have a bit of grain meal loose on the outside. They differ from the crumpet somewhat, in that the dough is usually drier to start with, so that a muffin ring is never required to hold the batter's shape, although one is often used, particularly in home cooking.

Muffins will be split with a fork, which preserves the uneven texture better than does cutting with a knife. The two halves are usually reheated and browned in a toaster or toaster oven and are often served with butter or jam. Many people feel that a more satisfactorily cooked muffin is obtained by grilling the split side under a hot gas or electric broiler. It is also common to toast the muffin with cheese and other items between the two halves.

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