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Eryngii mushroom is part of Pleurotaceae family which includes oyster mushrooms called like that due to their form which is very similar to an oyster. Eryngii mushrooms are actually oyster mushrooms and like other oyster mushroom it grows on dead trucks or dying deciduous trees. Eryngii mushrooms represent the largest variety of oyster family and it is generally found around the Mediterranean and in some parts of Central Asia, but they can also be found in supermarkets all around the world. They appear periodically year round. Eryngii are edible mushrooms and they are popular because of their tasty, meaty and chewy texture. It meaty texture allows the use of eryngii mushrooms in the vegetarian dishes. Eryngii mushrooms have to be consumed fresh otherwise they will dry out and turn brown and they will lose their attractive appearance. Being the most cooked mushrooms, eryngii mushrooms can be served sautéed, grilled, braised, stewed, or boiled. Normally, eryngii mushrooms have a large variety of flavors depending on the way there are cooked. The eryngii mushrooms are also low in moisture and very adaptable to Western, Asian and Mediterranean diets.

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