False albacore

False albacore

Name variations Edit

  • Little tunny

About False Albacore Edit

The scientific name is Euthynnus alletteratus. This species has a wide range. The false albacore fish is an important food fish, a type of tuna from family Scombridae.They can be found on the open oceans from Maine, south all the way to Brazil as well as inshore waters. False Albacore have black spots around the pectoral fin and the squiggly markings on the back. Has a stretch body which tapers markedly toward the tail and may grow to a total length of 38 cm but rarely exceeds 30 cm. Over the back and on the upper sides, it is generally brownish spotted with many black dots. Below it is silvery. The fins are dark, almost black, with a narrow, pale edge. Running along each side of the body from head to tail is a pale lateral line. The scales are very small. False albacore have a short life span. The dorsal spines are eleven in number, and well forward of the rays of the dorsal fin. The anterior spines are much longer, giving a concave outline to the spiny part of the dorsal fin.

A very bloody fish. It is best to have the fillets boiled in water until the blood forms a "scum" on the surface of the water. Don't over cook it! This will be the base for the best "tuna fish" salad you've ever had. Very tasty.

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