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Name Variations[]

  • bow ties
  • bow-tie pasta
  • bows
  • butterfly pasta

About Farfalle[]

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Farfalle is a type of pasta commonly known as "bow-ties". The name actually derives from the Italian word for butterfly. Farfalle comes in several sizes, but has a distinctive bowtie shape — smaller versions used in soups are called farfalline. Usually the farfalle is formed from a square of pasta with two sides trimmed in a ruffled edge, and the center pinched together to make the unusual shape. They are sometimes ridged, known as 'Farfalle rigate'. Different colors are available; plain, tomato and spinach. These are often sold together in a mix. Suitable for most sauces, Faralle are very well suited to cream and tomato dishes, children have a particular affinity for them. In Modena Farfalle are known as strichetti.


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