Farmer cheese

Name Variations[edit | edit source]

  • farmer's cheese
  • farm cheese
  • pressed cheese
  • hoop cheese
  • baker's cheese

About Farmer cheese[edit | edit source]

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Farmer Cheese (also farmer's cheese or farmers cheese) is a simple cheese often used for fillings in blintzes and other foods. Farmer cheese is made by pressing most of the moisture from cottage cheese; pressed drier still, it is sometimes rolled in a mixture of herbs and flavorings, or wrapped in very thin slices of flavorful smoked meats. Around the world, farmer cheese is variably made from milk from cows, sheep, or goats, each with its own final texture and nuance of flavor.

There are several forms of cottage cheese [1]. Cottage cheese is the fresh drained curds of slightly soured, low fat pasteurized milk. When the curds are drained, the cheese is called cottage cheese; if drained longer it is called pot cheese. When the remaining moisture is pressed out so it becomes dry and crumbly, it is called farmer's cheese.

This simple cheese has several aliases. Two common ones are soft farmer's cheese and "chevre." They both are rather loose names. "Farmer's cheese" can refer to any of a number of different soft home-made cheeses which are eaten fresh. "Chevre," which actually means goat, could refer to many different cheeses.

Another variety is Paneer, or Indian farmer's cheese, which is easily made at home. It should be consumed fresh, as it goes stale if kept too long, and becomes brittle and useless with refrigeration.

Farmer cheese Recipes[edit | edit source]

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