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Preparation Edit

  1. Knead the half of the flour with 50 g of yeast diluted in a little tepid sugary water. Once well worked add some water, the gotten dough must be a little softer that the dough to bread. Form a ball, cover it and let it to raise for 2 hours.
  2. After 2 hours, work it with the remainder of flour, of yeast, the melted butter, the sugar, the water of orange blossom, the eraser then add the grains of sésame and of anise. Knead.
  3. Model the dough in sticks of 2 cm of diameter on 30 to 40 cm of long, put them on the plate of cooking then cover warmly and start to raise 2 hours sheltered from air.
  4. When the dough raised, it must be elastic. Prick it by places then cook it to half to soft oven. Leave the sticks in oven then remove them before they are colored.
  5. Once well cooled, cut them up in fine small disc, place them on the oven plate so they are colored for some minutes to middle oven.

The cookies will remain crunchy if they are preserved in a very well closed box.

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