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Ingredients Edit

For the caramel

  • 1 cup Sugar
  • 1 cup Water

For the Flancocho:



Directions Edit

  1. Prepare the caramel. Heat the Sugar over medium to medium high heat until it turns to a brown caramel. Pour (careful, scalding hot!) into the upper half of the Ba–o Maria (or the smaller mold if using the oven) so that it covers the whole bottom and about one inch or so of the sides of the Ba–o Maria pot or the mold.
  2. In a separate dish, beat the eggs lightly. Add the remaining ingredients included in (A) in the order listed, stirring lightly after each addition. Mix thoroughly after all ingredients have been added.
  3. Pour the mixture into the Ba–o Maria upper portion slowly so as not to disrupt the caramel layer.
  4. Set the sponge cake in the center of the mold and allow a few minutes for the cake to soak up the mixture and settle into it.
  5. Fill the lower portion of the boiler (Ba–o Mar’a) with water and heat to boiling. Lower heat to medium, fit the upper portion in place and cover. Cook for about thirty minutes. Test for consistency by inserting a toothpick through the middle of the Flan. When it comes out clean, the Flan is cooked. Cooking time may be longer when done in the oven.
  6. Allow to cool. Insert the table knife along the side of the Flan and go all the way around the pot to loosen the edges. Continue to cool at room temperature for about 7 hours. Cover with a platter and turn upside down until it drops in the platter. If necessary, tap lightly on the bottom of the pan until you feel the weight of the Flan on the bottom platter.
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