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Flounder fish is a flatfish and it can be found in Northern European waters and in the eastern and northern part of the pacific. There are numerous species of flounder fish belonging to different families in the order Pleuronectiformes such as Achiropsettidae (southern flounders),Bothidae (left-eye flounders), Paralichthyidae (large-tooth flounders)and Pleuronectidae (right-eye flounders). Although flounders are members of different families they have mostly the same features. Flounders live on the sandy bottom of the ocean. Flounders have both eyes on the same part of the head, either in the left side such as summer flounder or in the right side like all members in the Pleuronectidae family. Not all flounders live in the ocean, some of them; generally those belonging to the Bothidae family live in estuaries or coastal waters. Generally flounders sizes vary from five to fifteen inches but there are longer species which may reach up to three feet in length. Flounders survive by feeding on soft mud on the ocean’s bottom and other bottom encumbrances such as spawn, crustaceans, polychaetes and other fishes. Flounders are voracious predators, they use their ability of changing their color and they lie in ambushes waiting for their prey.

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