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Sugar flavored with essential oils from edible flowers makes a delightfully different topping for cookies or as a sweetener for tea.

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  1. Select edible flowers grown without pesticides. Lavender and roses are good choices.
  2. If the flowers are small, such as lavender, leave them attached.
  3. With roses, remove the petals and discard the stem.
  4. Place 1 cup of sugar into a zip-top bag.
  5. Add flowers to sugar.
  6. Squeeze out the air from the bag and seal.
  7. Let rest for 3 to 4 days.
  8. Sift the sugar from the flowers.
  9. Store sugar in an airtight container.
  10. Use flower sugar as a sprinkle for cookies or a sweetener for tea.

Tips Edit

  • Do not use flowers from a florist or nursery as they are probably contaminated with pesticides.
  • For color, you can add a tiny drop of food coloring to the finished sugar. Shake the sealed bag until the color is evenly distributed.
  • Be certain the flowers you choose are edible.

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