Flying fish

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Members of the family Exocoetidae, which are commonly found in tropical waters, especially throughout the Caribbean. The name of this fish comes from its ability to soar through the air for great distances, sometimes up to almost 350 yards. To manage this feat, the flying fish builds up speed in the water, then leaps into the air, extending its large, stiff pectoral fins, which act like wings. Flying fish are good food fish with a firm texture and a pleasant, savory flavor. The flying fish is a marine fish family also known as Exocoetidae which include seventy species grouped in seven to nine genera. Flying fish are found in tropical and subtropical waters. Although there are numerous species they present mostly the same characteristics. The length can vary from thirty to forty centimeters. Flying fish prefer can be found on the surface as well as in the depth and their large pectoral fins allow them to fly in the water in order to escape the predators. There are species that have the pelvic fins as big as the pectoral fins giving them the ability to fly faster as it appears it has four wings. Flying fish have flatter eyes which allow them to see better on the surface. Due to the fact that some of the species have four large fins they can reach the swimming speed of sixty kilometers per hour. The flying fish are also distinguished by the variety of colors that they may have from silvery white to intense green with multicolored fins.

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