French coffee press

A kitchen utensil used for brewing coffee. It consists of a cylindrical glass pot and a plunger mechanism that has a metal mesh screen at one end and a handle at the other. Between the handle and the screen is a lid with a hole in the center through which the plunger can move. Ground coffee is added to the pot followed by boiling water. The coffee is allowed to steep for approximately 4 minutes and then the plunger assembly is inserted and the lid is placed on the top of the pot. The screen end of the plunger is the same diameter as the pot, so as the plunger is slowly pushed into the pot, the screen pushes the coffee grounds to the bottom of the pot, leaving fresh filtered coffee above the screen.

It is also known as a press pot, is an economical French coffee or tea brewing device — the cafetière, It produces a stronger coffee than other devices without the bitter taste as it retains the essential coffee compounds and oils.

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