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Avocado fuerte

Fuerte Avocado

Avocados (Persea Americana) is the tree and the fruit from the flowering plant family. Fuerte avocado is a specie of the fruit which has a green color and a smooth skin. The name of this plant basically means in Spanish strong avocado, due to its intense flavor. The fuerte avocado also has many subspecies, which differ in colors and textures when they are ripe. The blotchy skin avocados and the soft ones are old fuerte avocados and they are avoided when preparing meals based on these fruits. The fresh and young furte avocado is high in A and C vitamins and as well in important anti-oxidants that protect the human cells.

The avocados which are softer are used mostly for the guacamoles, which is the traditional Mexican dish that includes tomatoes, herbs and onion and the firm avocados are the bases for various salads, where they are used sliced. Besides these 2 meals, the fuerte avocados are used in various dressings, both of the Mexican and Latin cuisine and other cuisines of the world.

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