Garfish (Needlefish)

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  • Needlefish

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The garfish belongs to the Belonidae family and it is also known as the gar, garpike, billfish or the Lepisosteus osseus. The garfish is a primitive fish that mainly lives in the North American waters and it is covered with hard scales. The fish has quite long jaws and ferocious needlelike teeth. The garfish is a long eel-like fish that will leap of the water surface when hooked. The color of the garfish is mainly blue or green on the back with bright silvery sides. The dorsal fins are mainly green and the rays are black. The length of the garfish is usually about 3 feet long. The garfish can also be found in the Eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea. It generally lives at the surface and it is characterized by a migratory pattern. The fish lays its eggs on objects in the water and they attach their eggs to these objects by tendrils on the surface of the eggs. The garfish feeds itself on small fish and sometimes also on fish and insect larvae.

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