German Potato Pancakes

Serving Size : 12

In a Medium Bowl, Beat egg Lightly; Stir in flour UntilBlended. Stir in potatoes (squeezed Dry), Onion, salt And pepper. in a 10 Inch Skillet Over Medium-High Heat, Melt margarine With oil. Spoon 2 Tablespoons of The PotatoMixture Into Skillet For Each Pancake. Flatten Each With a Spatula Into a3 Inch Round. Fry Each Side For 2 to 3 Minutes or Until Crisp And Golden Brown. Place Fried Pancakes in a Single Layer in a Baking Sheet And Keep WarmIn a Preheated 200 Degree Oven While Frying Remaining Pancakes. Serve With applesauce Immediately.


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