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A delicious medium to dry white wine high in sugar but low in acid.

Gewürztraminer, sometimes referred to as Gewürz or Traminer, is a white wine grape variety that performs best in cooler climates. It is known for its spicy characteristics.

The name literally means spice from Tramin. This refers to the fact that the wine was made in Tramin (South Tyrol, northern Italy) and that the grape has a spicy flavour.

It is now typically grown in the Alsace region of France, Germany, New Zealand, California, the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia Canada, Caddo County, Oklahoma, and the Finger Lakes Region of New York.

The characteristic of the wine, rather than any specific spice, is that there is a strong smell of lychees on the bouquet. This characteristic aroma means that Gewürztraminer is classified as an aromatic wine grape. As such it is one of the few wines that is suitable to be enjoyed with curry and other Asian foods. It also goes well with Munster cheese.

It is believed to be related to Viognier, another aromatic grape.

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