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About Gilt-head Bream Edit

Gilt-head Bream belongs to the family Sparidi or Sparus aurata and is a fish that has shimmering, silver skin and a tender white flesh. It also has a succulent and rich taste, and small bones that can be easily removed. When it is braised or grilled, the flesh remains moist because of the layer of the fat between the skin and the body. Another important aspect is the fact that one hundred grams of edible meat contains 113 calories. The French call this species Dorade Royale, while the Italians call it Orata, and the Germans Goldbrasse. Gilt-head Bream is a saltwater fish, having a sky-blue body and silvery reflections and vertical dark stripes. Near the gills you can see a dark violet spot. The belly of this species is silver, and between the eyes it has a golden yellow line that resembles a hall moon. As for the mean, it is lea, white and very delicate, being prepared in many different ways.

Sea bream Recipes Edit

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