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I wish I could tell you how much ginger I used, but I remember I wished it was more. Go for it! I've found nothing better to drink with Chinese food. My most memorable experience with ginger beer was at a Caribbean restaurant in Chicago. They offered a home-made ginger drink which i went for immediately. It was outstanding. It appeared to be a mixture of ginger, slightly alcoholic, slightly fizzy and totally delicious. They served it ice cold, which was somewhat startling given the warm afterburn it left in the back of my throat.

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  1. Crushed grains were added to 2 gallons of cold water.
  2. grains were removed when mixture began to boil.
  3. Then the mixture was boiled for 1 hour with the malts and ginger root added.
  4. Primary ferment in plastic (3 days), secondary in glass carboy at about 70 - 75 °F.
  5. Bottled with ⅞ cup of corn sugar.
  6. It was also over-carbonated, which detracted from the experience a bit.
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