Glacé de Vino Strawberry Cream Chardonnay Wine Ice Cream is an all-natural, alcohol-free wine ice cream which combines the flavors of strawberry and chardonnay. The vanilla/cheesecake ice cream base is swirled with a sauce made up of strawberries cooked in chardonnay. The ice cream was featured on the Today show and was highly recommended by Phil Lempert.

The Glacé de Vino line of ice cream was created by Randy Freeman, who grew up on an upstate New York farm and came up with the recipe by experimenting with different wine sauces he found on his travels.[1] The product was launched in the Finger Lakes region of New York in the summer of 2006. The ice cream was so well received by the wine community that Glacé De Vino decided to package it in pints and sell it in retail stores. Currently, the ice cream can be purchased at Finger Lakes' wineries and stores in New York and New Jersey (such as Hannaford Supermarkets in New York state and King's Supermarkets in New Jersey) for $5 a pint. Since the ice cream contains no alcohol, the ice cream is also sold online without age restrictions and can be bought in shipments of 5 or 10 pints.

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