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  • potato gnocchi
  • dumplings

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Gnocchi (pronounced NYO-ki; [ˈɲjɒkːi]) is the Italian word for dumplings; in Italian, gnocchi is the plural of gnocco, which literally means "lump". They can be made of potato and semolina (durum wheat) or flour, ricotta cheese (with or without spinach), or semolina. One variety, gnocchi di pane, popular in the Friuli and Trentino-South Tyrol regions, is made from bread crumbs. Although the dish is Italian, the word comes from a Germanic word for a knot (as in wood), possibly because of its short, squat shape. Gnocchi are often listed among pasta dishes, although gnocchi has different ingredients and mode of preparation. They can be purchased dried, or fresh in vacuum sealed packages. The fresh ones are generally considered to be superior. Gnocchi cook faster than normal pasta and can fall apart if overcooked.

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SavouryChef - Chef Taryn - Cooking Gnocchi Gourmet

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