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About Golden delicious squash Edit

The golden delicious squash looks very similar to the traditional pumpkin, as it has a bright orange color and a round or oval shape. The flesh of this fruit is heavy, yet mild and a bit sweet and it gets very tender when cooked. Still, the golden delicious squash is only tasty if it is completely ripe and its seeds are removed before cooking. The most important nutrients of this squash are the A and C vitamins and the iron and potassium. Because the taste and flesh of the fruit is very moist, it can be cooked as both a vegetable and as a fruit and it can be included in various dishes, belonging to cuisines from different parts of the world.

Some of the most delicious dishes that include the golden delicious squash are the pickled squash or chutney squash, the pumping pie or squash soup with sour cream and the roasted squash. The seeds of this plant are also edible, as they can be roasted and salted and consumed as a snack.

Golden delicious squash Recipes Edit

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