Golden needles

Name Variations Edit

  • daylily flowers
  • lily buds
  • tiger lily buds
  • lily flowers

About Golden needles Edit

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The flowers of some species are edible and are sold (fresh or dried) in Asian markets as golden needles. They are used in hot and sour soup and moo shu pork. The young green leaves and the tubers of some (but not all) species are also edible. The plant has also been used for medicinal purposes.

The daylily petals are delicious when picked directly off the plant after blooming. In doing so, make sure that they are free of pesticides. Therefore they should be "organic" when consumed. Their flavors range from peppery to peachy. Also, make sure they are daylilies and not true lilies (Lilium, family Liliaceae). There is a difference between the flowers and the lilies can be very toxic if consumed. Your best bet would be to purchase a guide for edible flowers when experimenting with them.

Also called golden needles and simply lily buds, the dried golden buds of the tiger lily are 2 to 3 inches long and have a delicate, musky-sweet flavor. They're used both as vegetable and garnish in various Stir-Fried dishes. The delicate tiger lily buds are available in 4- to 8-ounce cellophane bags in Asian markets. They must be soaked in water prior to using.

Golden needle Recipes Edit

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