Golden raspberries

Golden raspberries

About Golden raspberryEdit

Golden raspberries are a type of raspberries and they belong to the Rosaceae family. Golden raspberry are very similar to red raspberry except the berry has a yellow to gold color. Golden raspberries like other raspberry species are aggregate fruits with numerous drupelets which are separated from the core when they are picked. They usually grow in forests, fields or open woods, generally in temperate regions. Golden raspberry leaves are recommended for numerous diseases and they are considered to have an astringent taste. When they are ripened one may have difficulties in picking them because golden raspberries are very fragile and their purple juicy stains. Golden raspberries are rich in minerals, vitamin C, flavonoids and ellagic acid, that why they its substances are used in cosmetics for calming and for exfoliating. They big continence of vitamin C is consumed for the body immunity, while the vitamin A is important for the health of the skin or eyesight. Golden raspberry delicious fruits are used for preparing jams, juices, pancakes or other cakes and sauces.

Golden raspberry RecipesEdit

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